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reqfilter extension

The sample application contains an extension application that provides a few helper functions over and above the base Django + App Engine API's and defaults.

You can find th source code for the reqfilter extension in the reqfilter directory.

Default Context Variables

There are a number of variables which are defined by default and made available for you use use in your template pages.

 Variable  Purpose
 {{elapsed}}A string that displays the number of seconds that has elapsed since the server started processsing the request.
 {{now}} The time of the request.  This can be formatted using Django filters like {{ date|date:"D d M Y" }}
 {{host}} The prefix of the host header - like "http://myapp.appspot.com/"
 {{request}} The Django request object - this is a back door in case you need to access variables available directly in the request.
 {{app_version}} The fully qualified version for your application.  On the devserver this is just the version string from apps.yaml.  On the server, this is